A Boutique Online Marketing Agency

E-notam is a boutique consultancy with a special focus on luxury projects. We create a connection between our clients and their target audience, drawing on our team’s extensive experience and passion for e-commerce.

Our goal is to help extraordinary brands develop their online business, in a way that speaks to high-end consumers. We take pride in transforming digital outlets into striking and successful flagship boutiques. We’re passionate about our clients and their projects, and driven by a commitment to excellence.

We have shaped a broad spectrum of advertising and PR campaigns, online product launches, e-commerce launches and viral activity across the luxury industry. Every project has been tailored to the individual client, defined by a particular set of needs and goals, and executed with care and imagination in every detail.

Meet Our Team

Aline Conus

Aline Conus

Aline offers expert insight into the minds of affluent online consumers, with an extensive background in digital marketing for luxury brands.

Aline Conus

John Pan

John has unparalleled experience in luxury marketing and distribution in CHina and corporate finance. He is our expert in ensuring the best results for our clients.