Our Services

We offer an extensive portfolio of services, covering the entire e-commerce journey. With an unparalleled attention to detail, we have launched online boutiques and new products, developed meaningful connections between brands and consumers, planned global campaigns, monitored brand reputations and developed digital strategies.

Concept Development

  • Marketing strategy​
  • Online campaign planning​
  • Brand partnership​
  • Public relations & social media management
  • Online brand positioning​
  • Online & digital development
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We take a strategic approach to understand our clients’ backgrounds and objectives and develop digital solutions that are based on our unique market insight alongside solid data. We can advise on all facets of e-commerce, from concept development to brand positioning, with additional experience in campaign planning and brand partnerships. Within our boutique agency environment, we also offer online and digital development for our clients, alongside expert public relation services and social media management.

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Directly engaging with relevant consumers is a challenge faced by every luxury brand, and building relevant relationships takes time. At E-NOTAM we have developed meaningful relationships with a wide range of partners, which means that we’re able to effectively target respected influencers. Whether we’re launching a new e-boutique, planning a global digital campaign, establishing access to targeted opinion leaders or creating new online sales channels, our portfolio of services enables our clients to meet their commercial targets and fulfil their objectives.

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At E-NOTAM we understand the unique needs and requirements of luxury brands, and offer support tailored to high end businesses. Our team has effectively introduced brands into the online Chinese market, launched digital boutiques, profiled high net worth consumers and overseen the implementation of online campaigns. We are driven by a commitment to excellent results for both short and long-term success, meeting and exceeding our clients’ goals at every level. Because our experience lies in the luxury sector, we are uniquely well-positioned to advise luxury brands on how to reach a wider audience of high net-worth indviduals from emerging markets.