Case Study 1: Developing a luxury client base in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

  • Our client was one of the most renowned hotels in London
  • We defined a winning strategy for their expansion into the Greater China market, which aligned their targets and investment opportunities with their potential for growth.


  • Our client was a luxury hotel with an international reputation, who wanted to develop their exposure to the relevant market in Greater China
  • Their objective was to increase exposure by 10% within twelve months, with a focus on their core product offering.


  • We helped our client identify their core priorities, and audited their existing operations within the Greater China market
  • Our in-depth analysis of their existing client base, and their potential client base, uncovered further opportunities for growth
  • Based on our findings, we were able to define potential strategies for their expansion into the online market in China, and advise them on the best options for their objectives.


  • Our client was able to base their decision on solid data and extensive research
  • We provided them with online and offline recommendations, focusing on their advertising campaigns, improved visibility, product offering and customer service
  • These recommendations allowed the client to develop their presence in Greater China during and after their campaign.