Watch and Jewellery

Case Study 1: Relaunching a designer jewellery brand

We advised this French designer brand on several levels:

  • Auditing its existing e-commerce operations
  • Evaluating market potential
  • Relaunching an online boutique with a global audience
  • Refocusing its online distribution strategy, with key players in each market
  • Building up the e-commerce team
  • Successfully managing its e-commerce platform, via on-going meetings with the team and their CEO.


  • Our client was a French designer brand with existing offline distribution in 12 markets
  • The brand’s CEO had defined e-commerce as their first priority for the year ahead.


  • We audited their existing e-commerce operations and evaluated market potential
  • Their online boutique was relaunched, targeting a global audience
  • With key players in each market, we refocused the online distribution strategy.


  • The brand’s e-commerce team was substantially built up and developed, bringing in new skillsets
  • We continue to successfully manage the e-commerce platform, via on-going meetings with the team and their CEO.

Case Study 2: Optimising media spend​


  • This leading watch and jewellery group wanted to invest in online media in China
  • Previous attempts to analyse the media space had been inconclusive.


  • Compile a list of 200 media outlets and 80 bloggers in the target market
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the media, according to the client’s criteria
  • Benchmark the group’s media costs.


  • We helped the client benchmark their media costs
  • We proved that these costs could be reduced by 30%, and helped optimise spending
  • We defined a targeted list of 80 media outlets and 50 bloggers for quality, on-brand partnerships.